Custom Coins

Having a custom elongated is really special!  Cindy's Cents is the right place if you want a custom designed elongated.  These are perfect for clubs/organizations, weddings, special events, fund raisers, or just because you want to have your own special design!  Generally, prices start at $225 for up to 200 elongated cents with your custom design.  If interested in more information about a custom elongated, click to go to our "Contact" tab.  Let us know what you have in mind and we will gladly provide you with additional information.  We always enjoy working with our customers to provide them custom elongateds!

Cindy’s Cents has done a ton of custom coins.  We respect the privacy of our customers and therefore do not show the images of customer custom images on our website.  Our Facebook page has some photos shared by our customer so you can find a few there.   Below are the coins I’ve done for my business Cindy’s Cents.  One of these will be included free with any order from my website!

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